42-TEK Clean Power ™

Across all Commercial, Enterprise, Small and Medium Business and even Consumer Segments, there are so many potential Uses!

Here are just a few:

Water Purification

Air Purification

Glass Coatings

Paint and other Coatings

Construction/ Cement/ Asphalt

Energy Production

Soil Remediation

Medical/ Pharma

Even though the vast majority of our business is through our Partner Channels, 42TEK is first and foremost a Nanomaterials Manufacturing company and we take a great deal of pride in what we do.  We enable our partners to focus on novel solutions for their customers through the various brands (on the right), while we focus on continuous innovation and development and global delivery of the best quality products.  While 42TEK is capable of manufacturing a nearly infinite variety of Nanomaterials, we are currently focused heavily on the production of photocatalytic Nano TiO2 due to volume demands and its amazing capabilities.

42-TEK Forest Finish ™


42-TEK Green House ™

42TEK Ultrapure TiO2

Superfine Nano TiO2 - Powder
90% Anatase, 10% Rutile
Available in quantities as little as 10Kg
Average particle size 10-14nm
Superior Dispersion
Exhibits Superior photocatalytic properties

When TiO2 is properly crystallized and nanostructured, (nano-TiO2), it acquires the capacity to remove a large variety of contaminants from anything that it comes into contact with by simply being exposed to light (as well as, in the absence of light as an effective adsorption material). It has many uses​​

42TEK Pricing Tiers
Tier 1 – 1kg to 100Kg
Tier 2 – 101Kg to 1,000 (1MT)
Tier 3 – 1 MT to 15 MT
Tier 4 – Over 15MT (Negotiated by order)
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42TEK Ultrapure TiO2
Ultrafine Nano TiO2 – Powder
90% Anatase, 10% Rutile
Available in quantities as little as 1Kg
Average particle size 40-45nm
Excellent Dispersion
Exhibits highly photocatalytic properties


42-TEK Clean Road ™

What is Nano TiO2?

Titanium Dioxide is well known as a harmless non-toxic pigment used in everything from cosmetics, paints, and toothpastes.

42-TEK Clean View ™

42-TEK Aqua Pure ™

  • NOx - Nitrogen Oxides
  • Volatile Organic and Inorganic Compounds
  • Chloride, Starch, Dye
  • Bacteria, Fungus, Algae, Mold
  • Duckweed, Pesticides
  • Garbage, Tobacco, Aldehydes
  • Ammonia Chloroform 
  • P-Dichlorobenzene
  • Arsenic
  • Gasoline
  • Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Oil, Rain, Soot



42-TEK Breathe Easy ™

42TEK employs the most advanced and state of the art processes to develop the highest quality, purity and effective Nano TiO2 and other nanomaterial.

While many products with a wide range of prices may look similar in product materials, what isn’t always emphasized is that the process involved and the many related parameters involved during the process are critical to the effective and practical use of the final end product.

For example, all of the following attributes are critical to the efficacy and quality of the final product:

  • Quality and type of source materials
  • Source material blending
  • Different doping techniques
  • Reactor residency time, pressure, heat
  • Post processing

Additionally, our production methods are state of the art and protected by our own intellectual property. Our process is renewable, requires little energy and has minimal environmental impact because we avoid the use of toxic solvents in our production process.

42-TEK Restore ™


Nano-TiO2 oxidation purifies toxins as follows:

  1. Nano-TiO2 can be applied to the surface of any material
  2. When UV light comes into contact with the surface, it triggers the process, generating two types of reactants. 
  3. The reactants, ionized oxygen and hydrogen molecules (OH- and O2- radicals), bond with toxins, at the molecular level) By bonding with the toxins, the Nano-TiO2 decomposes toxic organic substances through oxidation.
  4. There are no byproducts, it is a long-term repeatable process and any surfaces coated with it are sterile and self-cleaning. 

In addition, Nano-TiO2 is also an efficient absorber of inorganic media, and is used to remove, isolate, or recover dissolved metals such as Arsenic (As), and other harmful or desired species from contaminated volumes of water, etc.

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