In wanting to support all regions and markets globally 42TEK has developed the following partnership structures:

Value Added Resellers
42TEK is very motivated to onboard a highly engaged family of resellers. Our resellers know their markets and regions inside and out and we want to help support their success through great products, training, support and branding. We deliver our product to our VAR’s at cost and simply take a minority percentage of NET from the sale.

Joint Ventures
Whether large multi-national manufacturing / distribution partners or government organizations. 42TEK’s joint ventures are intended to help scale to large markets and regions. Our joint venture opportunities are intended to be flexible and market specific and are structured either as jointly owned subsidiaries, or purely on IP and revenue share.

In those cases where our partner is already has a chemical manufacturing capability and simply wants or needs access to a new product or market segment, we offer flexible tier-based licensing terms.

Distribution Partnerships
For those partners that have a great product or market concept but needs a supplier to produce and distribute on their own branding, 42TEK is here to help.

Chemical Leasing and Chemical Management Solutions
For partners that prefer a “pay as you go” solution, 42TEK and it’s partners offer solutions for just about any type of entity that has an ongoing need for a specific solution but would prefer to outsource the solution.

System and Solution Integrators
42TEK is well aware that oftentimes, the end retail product that is based on our material is a fully integrated solution alongside complementary or up/downstream solutions. Let us apply our expertise to help drive more sales.

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Unlike some chemical producers, 42TEK is fully committed to the broad success of its partners and their respective markets versus competing for market share.

Our partners are industry and market experts that passionately solve real-world problems for their customers every day and 42TEK is proud to contribute to this value chain.

The market opportunity for the production and sale of photocatalytic TiO2 alone (not including other oxides) is large and is growing quickly, currently representing over 97% of the global market for photocatalytic materials.

Once thought of as a limited-quantity/ limited-availability product reserved only for special use or research has gained significant recent interest by large B2B and B2C companies because of its specialized and broadly applicable properties.

With this in mind, 42TEK has established several partnership models that represent tremendous economic opportunities for those that participate by enabling new product and customer solutions, new lines of business, and ultimately new revenue streams.