About 42TEK
Headquartered in Castellon Spain, 42TEK has a main office in NYC and partners in every region around the globe.  Initially conceived by founders Reyes Rodriguez and Tony Diego in 2011, the company was officially founded in 2013. 

​Today the company's executive team is comprised of a diverse group of scientists, researchers and those with vast experience commercializing large global businesses.

42TEK Leadership

Mr. Tony Diego - Founder

Background in the fields of Applied Physics, including: Material Sciences, Acoustics, Fluid Dynamics, Physical Oceanography, Optics, and Intelligent Network Wireless Data.  Worked as consultant for major International firms Including Microsoft, Fujitsu, AT&T, and Lucent.  Currently 100% focused on 42TEK: Nanotechnologies applied to sustainable economies, Water and Air decontamination. Photocatalysis (Group Administrator), Optics, and Photonics.​

Ms. Reyes Rodriguez - Founder

Rodriguez shifted her career several years ago when she became passionate about the possibility of introducing new green materials.  After several collaborations with various nanotechnology companies Ms. Rodriguez became fully involved in the nano materials industry.  By 2006, Rodriguez generated a line of urban furniture that incorporated nano materials that enabled scratch-proof and anti-graffiti properties.  Soon after, she introduced these materials into the ceramic industry.  Having spending years surrounding herself with and becoming an industry expert herself, Rodriguez cofounded 42TEK S.L. to produce the raw green materials needed by various industry sectors. 

Mr. Greg Kohanim - CEO

Greg has over 25 years of executive leadership experience in business and technology.   In 19 years at Microsoft Corporation between 1993 and 2012, Greg was responsible for leading several internal startup businesses from inception through internal acquisition for multiple complex services.  These businesses ranged consumer, advertising, enterprise, security and compliance and all were valued in the $M100’s at time of internal acquisition and are still in service today.  As the P&L owner for multiple business units, Greg was ultimately responsible for all aspects of the business and related technology as well as directly managing very large global teams.  Since leaving Microsoft and relocating to New York City (current), Greg was responsible for taking over a mid-term startup and turning around business and technical strategy and managing the company though a successful acquisition.  Since then, Greg has been managing his own hands-own investment firm focused on early and mid-stage technology start-ups capable of high-margins and 9-figure revenues.

Greg has extensive experience in synthesizing very complex problems into simple to understand and executable roadmaps through delivery and operation.  Having held multiple C-level roles (CEO, CTO, COO), Greg has extensive experience providing executive and strategic direction across many industries and disciplines.   Over the last 15 years, Greg has successfully commercialized multiple new and emerging business from inception, research or academia.  A serial entrepreneur, Greg has always focused on early stage businesses and turnarounds.

Since joining 42TEK, Greg has developed the 42TEK global business plan and strategy as well as all financial and market projections.  Additionally, Greg has taken the lead on business development activities including outreach, contract development and global partnerships.

Greg also holds 16 patents spanning machine learning technology, augmented reality, security, advertising and fintech.

Dr. Guy Baret Ph.D. - Chief Science Officer

Dr. Guy Baret is a subject matter expert for national, European programs and international projects with 58 patents filled since 1990.  Dr. Baret is also an expert in the application development industry.  

Specialties Include: Development of technological solutions, patents, technical expertise expert in synthesis processes, and his intellectual property has contributed to 42TEK´s intangible assets.  

Dr. Baret is responsible for the design and manufacture of reactors where the type B product is obtained by hydrothermal process, and which already has 3 pilot plants operating in Europe.  Amongst his capabilities we also include: General administration of SME, Financing of SME's, Experience in inorganic materials, photovoltaic devices, displays and nanotechnologies, and is a great professional and currently the R&D director of the company.

Dr. Robert Burke Ph.D. - Board Advisor

Dr. Robert Burk is a board advisor, and consultant capitalizing on scientific, entrepreneurial, and academic expertise to locate, evaluate and help realize the full potential of innovative technologies in the marketplace. 

Burke was a founder of NanoH2O, Inc., a commercial company, now wholly owned by LG Chemical, providing next-generation reverse osmosis membranes leveraging the benefits of nanotechnology where he guided the company from early professor research to commercial production. NanoH2O lowers the energy cost of desalination by up to 20%. The company has sales in 34 countries on six continents including what will be one of the five largest desalination plants in the world. 

Prior to founding NanoH2O, had national and international experience as a project manager and technical contributor to interdisciplinary engineering projects. 

Technical expertise includes extensive work with rock and soil slope stability issues and geologic site characterization. Early work as a Research Faculty member at the University of Washington focused on understanding the link between carbon dioxide and global warming. 

Education includes a Ph.D. in stable isotope geochemistry from the University of Washington.